Whether you are paying rent or receiving rent, legal issues can and certainly do arise. Simply removing a tenant for non-payment of rent can turn into an expensive nightmare for the inexperienced and unprepared. Something as simple as failing to put the security deposit in an interest bearing escrow account can cost a landlord big. Many landlords jump into the business without ever contacting a lawyer or reading the applicable law. This is a HUGE mistake, and it can be quite expensive to resolve problems later rather than addressing issues at the outset before they become a problem.

Conversely, if you are a tenant and your landlord has deprived you of the quiet enjoyment of your apartment or failed to provide you with a habitable unit you could be awarded damages, sometimes in excess of three times your monthly rent. Your apartment may have dangerous lead contamination that your landlord failed to disclose when you first rented the unit. These issues can and should be addressed by a lawyer who is competent in defending tenant’s rights.

Either way, you should talk to an attorney before you take action. Attorney Jacob Snyder is available for free consultation for any landlord-tenant issue in Beverly and the surrounding north shore community.