Attorney Jacob Snyder is committed to reducing his firm’s impact on the environment.

The legal profession has been one of the slowest and most resistant to change in the era of electronic communication, partly because the vast majority of legal work must be done on paper. Courts often will not accept a filing in any other format other than the original, tangible document with original signature.

However, courts throughout Massachusetts are beginning to test electronic filing; notably the Essex Probate and Family Court has begun a pilot program that allows electronic filing and case management. Many Massachusetts courts allow case information to be viewed on the, although access can be limited in some divisions.

Where electronic filing and document retention is allowed, Attorney Jacob Snyder is committed to reducing the overall paper consumption per case.

In addition to being e-ready, Attorney Snyder has the means to create electronically secure documents for a variety of purposes, for example, it is now possible to have a copy of your entire estate plan, including a copy of your will and any trusts, your health care proxy, and necessary HIPAA documentation all on a USB drive on your key chain or in your desk drawer, or both. Even in the event of a fire or some other tragedy, your documents are not stored in one location and thus are infinitely safer. Furthermore, electronic documents have safeguards against alteration that paper documents do not.

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